a juneteenth pride elopement

June 21, 2020

up until mid-june, i turned down most of the inquiries i received to shoot. i could not justify putting my family at risk of exposure to covid-19. unfortunately, this also meant i was unable to was unable to support the black community by protesting and showing up to events in person. this proved to be both frustrating and disheartening. i wanted to do more than donate, sign petitions, and call representatives (although all of those things are super important!). i wanted to hold space for the black community and show my solidarity and support in person.

for weeks, i struggled to decide how to celebrate and honor juneteenth from afar.

and then starr reached out to me.

she and her fiancé, jenn, had to postpone their wedding, citing concerns around coronavirus, but they still wanted to get married this summer. june is an important time for starr and jenn as they celebrate both pride month and juneteenth. could they pull together and elopement celebration in june within a couple of weeks? the answer is a resounding yes.

for starr and jenn, june has become a triple threat as they lift each other up to honor their freedom, celebrate their love, and solidify their marriage.

surrounded by only their immediate family members, the two exchanged vows by the water in alexandria, virginia. there wasn’t a single dry eye as they expressed the utmost gratitude to the universe, their families, and each other.

after the ceremony, we worked together to capture the powerful magic of the moment. their strength, joy, and love is clear in every shot.

i will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to capture this day. there was no better way for me to celebrate juneteenth than by giving these two beautiful souls visual memories to look back on forever.


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