in my heart is a christmas tree farm

November 5, 2020

halloween has come and gone. we dealt with the scariest of sundays ahead of the election and now i’m sitting at my computer, anxious as ever as results begin to pour in. i’ll be honest, i have been dealing with a ton of election-related anxiety for a while now so for tonight, i’m choosing to live in christmas magic. don’t worry, i’m secretly tracking every second but this is definitely a nice, and much needed, distraction before things get even more hectic this week.

i can’t be the only one who daydreams about hunting for christmas trees beginning in august. and now here we are – less than a month away until we can decorate our house and the neighbors won’t judge our over-enthusiasm for my favorite time of the year! when are we allowed to unabashedly listen to christmas music 24/7? asking for a friend. it’s me. i’m the friend.

we like to have our tree up just before thanksgiving, decorated just after, and admired until the new year. my passion for all things holiday is strong (can you tell?). this year, i decided to take that passion to a new level and plan a christmas-themed styled wedding shoot on a christmas tree farm in glenelg, maryland, just outside of washington, dc. our shoot was inspired by the joyful melody of taylor swift’s christmas tree farm, from the mistletoe hanging at the alter to the hot apple cider bar tucked away between the trees. our models, claire and martin, got engaged in july. they’re gorgeous, inside and out. and would you believe me if i told you that they’re you are looking at the future mr. and mrs. swift? no, i’m not kidding. it wasn’t planned but it was obviously fate that claire and martin would join as we celebrated christmas a little early surrounded by trees that will soon be lovingly decorated in the homes of families across the dc region.

it didn’t take long to find the perfect backdrop for our altar. nestled between two trees, we set up our oversized gifts and vases with floating candles. the branches were decorated in a traditional hunter green and rich burgundy style, accented by silver and sparkle. lights were strung between the trees and mistletoe hung to remind us all of the passion and love shared between our bride and groom. look closely and you will see custom ornaments designed by liz powell of write liz write, celebrating the couple.

all stations – from the cake table and cider bar to the sweetheart table and altar – were designed and decorated with eclectic items, either personally made or found second hand. our sweetheart table was inspired by the rustic nature of a farm but lifted to a new level of elegance with rich greenery provided by anna swihart, owner and designer at revive florals.

lindsay goldthwaite, of design by ldg designed a menu fit for the holidays and perfectly incorporated the elegance of christmas into a mouthwatering masterpiece. the gift tag place settings by write liz write pulled the entire table together and served as a reminder that the true gift that the happy couple had that day – and will have every day, forever – is each other.

our cider bar was a clear highlight, adorned with sweet treats, hot apple cider, and a little something special to get the party going. because who doesn’t love apple cider donuts, caramel popcorn, and jumbo marshmallow? and who doesn’t want to spice up their drink with the alcohol of their choice?

i loved the oxidized silver goblets and felt that they brought the pastoral beauty of farm life to the bar. the rustic feel of the goblets and vintage crate was complimented well by the polished glass mugs and fresh greenery. recognize the words on the sign? those are lyrics to taylor swift’s song, christmas tree farm. a perfect little touch by write liz write.

the cake table was minimally decorated with found objects and a personal stocking. how i’ve managed to keep a stocking that clean and vibrant for 10+ years, we will never know. it’s christmas magic. we wanted to bring attention to the stunning banana split drip cake made by robin reiter at steeped tea café and decorated by revive florals.

revive florals also provided a gorgeous, whimsical bridal bouquet that incorporated our traditional christmas red and green. there is really nothing left to say about this bouquet because it’s just that beautiful, so i’ll leave you with some photos so you can admire it here. 😍

finding a beauty team that respects the natural elegance of their subjects and manages to create this level of magic is no easy task. but we did it. sadie groves, of good to glow, was inspired by the color palette chosen for the bridal bouquet and carried the cranberry tones into our bride’s makeup. she accented the pinks and reds with a delicate sparkle liner in the crease of the bride’s eye. the turquoise of claire’s eyes popped as a result of her warm, nontraditional look and we couldn’t have been happier. carly fisher, of pins-n-brushes is an absolute rockstar. she styled the bride’s straight hair so that it held its curl all day, even under a hat. and she managed to do so in record time. we didn’t even need to use the touchup kit she generously provided. carly is everything anyone would want for their wedding day – fast, precise, and thoughtful. what more could we have asked for!

my fiancé and i have been getting our christmas trees at tlv tree farm for years. there was no other place that felt quite right than this very special spot in glenelg, maryland. tlv has been owned and operated by the same family for more than 100 years. they have it down to a science – planting 10,000 christmas trees each year and they typically sell out by the second week of december (at the latest). the rolling hills are a perfect backdrop for any scene, but they sure make for an extra special wedding. we are so grateful that the tlv family allowed us to create christmas magic on their property.

for some people, it’s autumn leaves and pumpkin spice. but for me, it’s christmas and taylor swift. every time. 


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