Capturing Love and Memories at Historic London Town & Gardens

When it comes to planning a wedding, couples often prioritize finding the perfect location and eliminating stress from the planning process. That's exactly what Ashley & Corey, whose wedding took place at Historic London Town & Gardens in Edgewater, Maryland, aimed to achieve. Read on for details on the couple’s big day!



The wedding day at Historic London Town & Gardens was nothing short of perfect. It was an honor to capture the essence of Ashley and Corey’s love and the unique moments they shared. Their focus on what truly mattered and their commitment to celebrating their love and relationships made their day magical and unforgettable.

A Minimalist Dream with a Bold Twist

The bride had always dreamed of a minimalist wedding with simple greenery and white florals, while the groom had a penchant for bold burgundy attire. Their dream came true when they discovered the beautiful garden venue at Historic London Town & Gardens, allowing them to combine both elements into a late summer wedding.

Like any photographer, Maddie was excited to capture the contrast between the elegant simplicity of white chairs adorned with eucalyptus bunches and the bold burgundy attire of the groom and bridesmaids. The minimalistic approach to decor allowed the natural beauty of the venue to shine through, making our job even more delightful.

This couple's wedding was all about personalization and cherishing the moments that mattered most to them. The bride, her bridesmaids, and her mother worked together to create the floral arrangements, including bouquets and boutonnieres. These arrangements featured eucalyptus, dusty rose florals, and magnolias, paying homage to their wedding party attire.

But it wasn't just about the decor. From a menu that featured their favorite dishes to songs that held special memories, their wedding was a celebration of love and relationships. The couple's appreciation for their friends and family was evident throughout the day and really shone through during the reception as guests danced the night away.

Every photographer has their favorite moment to capture during a wedding. Maddie’s happens to be dancing photos during the wedding reception. She carries two cameras to capture two very different looks. We all love a perfectly exposed photo that freezes time and memorializes dance moves. But Maddie also has a soft spot for grainy, vibey pictures that drag light and feel a little bit like a fever dream when you look back. There is nothing better than a good party and we love to be there to get down!

Reflecting on Love and Sharing Emotions

One of the most intimate and emotional moments of the day was when the couple exchanged letters during their first look. Capturing raw emotions and shared love is always a privilege. We appreciate every chance we get to capture these moments, each one unique to the couple.

We will never pressure any of our couples to participate in a first look or other first touch, but we will always lay out the benefits of taking this special time together. Simply put, a wedding day flies by. Rarely do couples have time together to soak it all in and share the intimacy they deserve to on a wedding day.

In Ashley and Corey’s case, doing a first look allowed them to share vows they wanted to keep private, giving them that special, time for just the two of them on their wedding day.

Cherishing Moments Over Details

In the end, what this couple remembers most are the special moments they created and shared with their loved ones. While they might not recall every detail of their centerpieces or dessert bar, they will forever hold dear the memories of their first looks, dancing with loved ones, and moments alone together after the ceremony.

We understand the importance of capturing moments AND details. There is nothing better than sharing candid photos that tell the story of a wedding day, from the laughter to the happy tears. We’ll always showcase your details, and craft a narrative that highlights the important relationships and small moments with the those you hold closest. While you may not be able to be present for every moment with your guests, we promise to share them with you when the day is done. Much goes unseen until your images are delivered – and how fun to look back on all those extra moments!

Advice From the Bride for Future Couples

The bride has some sage advice for couples planning their wedding:

Remember this day is about you, your significant other, and the relationship you've built together. Focus on the parts of the wedding that mean the most to you and bring you joy. If that means breaking tradition, do it. It's your day to celebrate yourselves!

As a wedding photography team, we cannot stress enough how important it is to do things your own way. Always remember the day is about you and your love. It should be a reflection of that in every sense. Wedding trends come and go, but your love remains. Be sure to plan a day that reflects your love story, creates lasting memories, expresses your individual style and taste, honors those most important to you, and is fun for YOU. Doing so will reduce the stress and help you enjoy the wedding day!

We'd Love to Work With You!

If you're planning your wedding in the Washington DC area and looking for a documentary photography and videography team to capture your love story, don't hesitate to reach out.

We would be honored to be a part of your special day, just as we were for this incredible couple at Historic London Town & Gardens. Let's create beautiful memories together.

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