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Your custom wedding photo and video coverage.


From the moment you book until your wedding photos and video are delivered, you have our undivided attention, energy, and care. We've got you covered with multiple detailed wedding guides to get you prepped and ready for this most important day. We'll always help fine tune your wedding timeline so we're sure to catch the most important moments in your best light. Need ideas or a vendor recs? Just reach out. Lean on us. This time of your life is supposed to be fun!

wedding planning is intimidating?!

Of course! Is there anything better than a destination wedding? We love to travel and structure our USA/Canadian full-day packages so that travel is already included in the price. We hold American and Canadian passports and are always happy to go international. Destination weddings and elopements outside of the united states and Canada are customized based on the region. We like to make our packages all-inclusive, so you don't have to worry about any added fees!

Do you shoot destination weddings?

We're always happy to bring additional shooters along. Let's be sure to chat about your needs well in advance so we know whether or not it makes sense to have additional hands (and if so, how many).

What about additional shooters?

can i extend coverage?

Absolutely. You can add coverage on at any time.

Can we book just one service?

Definitely reach out. We try to keep our available dates reserved for clients who are interested in both services but we do book services independently on a case-by-case basis.

how long do we have to wait before our full package is delivered?

We'll have your full photo/video package delivered within two and a half months of your wedding. Engagement packages are delivered within one month. We always provide a teaser within the first week of shooting, no matter the event.

do you watermark your content?

Nope. We're big believers in you enjoying your photos and video without our names attached. That said, we do ask that you credit us when you're sharing online. :)

can we see raw photos and video footage?

We get this question a lot! Your final wedding package includes photos and video footage that have been digitally processed to improve light, contrast, sharpness, color, and sound. Wedding clients may also choose to include straight shot footage of their ceremony, speeches, and first dances that has been lightly edited for color and sound. We do not provide raw images and footage.

what rights do i get to my photos and video?

We provide all of our clients with printing and personal sharing rights. iI you'd like to have your photos or video used commercially or for profit, just let us know! We'll build that into your package. Please be aware that this may incur additional charges.

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