250+ wineries in virginia and this is the one you should choose

August 14, 0219

when i was 21 years old, i fell in love with the idea of a vineyard wedding. i had the whole scene pictured clearly in my mind. a bride walking down the aisle, surrounded by friends and family, overlooking endless vines bursting with lush grapes ready to be picked at any moment. i envisioned guests chatting happily with glasses of wine in hand, grazing over tables of cheese, charcuterie, fruit, and nuts. the sun would hang low and the music would play into late into the night. it was a dream.

believe me when i say dreams come true. i found the perfect spot nestled in the rolling hills of purcellville, virginia. seriously, this place is gorgeous. it’s the only virginia winery i’ve returned to time and time again because not only is the wine great, but the views are stunning and the people who work there are second to none.

if you know me, you know i love a good list. so here we go with 5 reasons you should have your wedding – or any other event, really – at sunset hills vineyard.

make it easy with one location. this is a big one. it can be stressful and costly getting the wedding party and guests from one location to the next. you don’t want to have to worry about any more logistics on your wedding day than you need to and your guests are going to want to get the party started and celebrate you as soon as you walk down that aisle together as a married couple. on top of that, you’ll have the same staff for the entire day. yes, the same team will be there to support you while you get ready, all the way down to that gorgeous exit i know you’re already planning. let me tell you now, the staff at sunset hills is amazing and killer at what they do.

guys, the wine is so good! so not only is sunset hills gorgeous, but their wine is spot on. one of the best things about booking your wedding at a vineyard is how it simplifies the decision-making process. i love this because it means you don’t have to think about finding the perfect wine – it’s literally all already there! take it from me, the rosé is amazing and, if you’re planning a spring or summer wedding, you’re going to want to add that to your wine list.

have a unique something blue. not only is sunset hills a gorgeous setting with an amazing staff and great wines, it is also a bluebird sanctuary! just imagine you’ve walked down the aisle and are in the middle of reading your vows when all of the sudden a vibrant blue bird lands on the barrel next to you and starts singing. maybe that’s a little too disney for you, but hey, a girl can dream, right? and could you ask for a better something blue? i don’t think so.

butterflies are always on trend. as if the bluebirds weren’t enough. sunset hills is also home to a monarch butterfly sanctuary. did you know that monarch butterflies are said to bring change, transformation, and new opportunities? what better time for a good omen than on your wedding day as you embark on one of the biggest and most important journeys of your life? and just to clarify, while butterflies are always trending, they aren’t always “in season.” the best time to catch a glimpse of the butterflies at sunset hills is mid-late september when they’re migrating. just think of the black, white, and orange against a fall palette. i’m gushing.

plan an event that makes a difference. if you couldn’t tell from the bluebirds and butterflies, sunset hills is committed to preserving all the splendor of the natural world and i’m 100% here for it. it’s super easy to get carried away in wedding planning and not think about the impact your event has on the environment. i don’t mean to sound preachy, but it definitely is something we should all be considering when we plan. *i say we because i’m planning my wedding right now too – yay! the entire facility is powered by hundreds of solar panels on the roofs at the winery. they call it “turning sunshine into wine.” maybe that’s why i love their wine so much? it’s literal sunshine. sunset hills uses only the bare minimum when it comes to pesticides and herbicides (love it), employs manual labor instead of motorized vehicles (amazing), recycles waste back into the vineyard as fertilizer (perfect), and so much more. support them and the earth at the same time – and have a kick-ass party while you’re at it. it’s 2019. nothing is more cute than sustainability.

at the end of the day, i know how much time and effort you’re putting into planning. and how often do you stumble upon such a gem? hopefully we made the load a little lighter and you’ve been able to draw inspiration from this beautiful elopement. happy planning!


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