she makes loving her easy

December 21, 2020

yes, we know. 2020 has been a year of confusion, frustration, and cancelled plans. but it’s also been a time of deep introspection as we collectively learned hard lessons in prioritizing the things and people that are most important in our lives. there is nothing in life more paramount than that appreciation and i am privileged to witness it every time i’m behind the camera. to my couples, thank you, thank you, thank you for trusting me to capture the unique spark you share. thank you for loving on each other so honestly and vulnerably in front of a total stranger. as we move from one year into the next, i hope you look back on your photos and take pride in your journey this past year and who you shared that journey with. because it’s beautiful.

i’m excited to share photos from a session that took place earlier this month. abi reached out to me interested in a couple’s shoot back in august. she explained that she was making an effort to be more intentional about documenting various stages of life and appreciating the path that she and her then-fiancé, jasmine, were walking on. we settled on a sunday in december at a christmas tree farm (are you even a little bit surprised???). i had no idea just how open and authentic the two would be when the time came for them to get in front of the camera. but every second of their shoot radiated with ebullience, harmony, and a sweet tenderness that i hadn’t ever seen so effortlessly showcased. they make loving each other easy. i’d like to share a bit of their story with you now.

abi and jasmine knew each other long before they became engaged. they laid a strong foundation of friendship before stepping into love and it shows. the two describe themselves as “awkward but deeply in love.” let me be the first to say, their love definitely runs deep but there is absolutely nothing awkward about them! they spend every moment they can together and love to love on each other. they love to spend time adventuring outside just as much as they enjoy cuddling up with a bottle of wine on a pallet of blankets and pillows. to get them in their element, we walked through corn fields, chasing the last bit of evening light. they admired grazing cattle and got a little steamy among the christmas trees.

we played in the “snow” and enjoyed a quiet moment as the sun disappeared behind the trees.

a butterfly made of reflected light even flew across a few of the images as jasmine spun abi joyfully, lifting her into the air, and kissing her in the setting sun. we don’t need to get into the symbolism but just know it was more special than any of us can say.

to close out the session, the two opened a bottle of white wine and talked about their bright future. how getting through the holiday season would be different but full of love because they’re together. how they plan to start a family in the coming year. and how lucky they are that the universe brought them together time and time again until it was clear that they were made for each other.

abi and jasmine – happy first christmas as wives! your love shines so bright and i cannot wait to see where life takes you next!


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